Hannah Cromer


     Hannah was born on May 15th, in the small town of Aiken, South Carolina. She is the youngest child of Keith and Terry Cromer. Growing up with two brothers and only three other kids in their neighborhood (who, too, were boys), she was outnumbered and considered herself a tomboy. She spent most of her childhood hanging with the guys, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, and playing sports.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​     Baseball was a staple in the Cromer household. Following her older brothers' footsteps, Hannah was only four years old when her parents signed her up for t-ball. She instantly fell in love with the game. That same year, her mom signed her up for dance classes. For years, Hannah would rush from dancing in her tutu to playing second base at ball games. Although she made countless amount of memories, one stands out as her favorite - after her dance class ran late, she rushed to the ballpark and ran onto field after the game had already began. After taking to second base, everyone began screaming, "Hannah, Hannah!" To her surprise, she had forgotten to exchange her ballerina shoes for cleats!

     At age 12, Hannah choose to forgo baseball and focus all her attention on dance and school. It was a choice she knew was best since she spent five, sometimes six or seven, days at dance class. In addition, she had joined the competition team so most of her weekends were spent traveling and competiting nationally against other dancers her age. Her hard work shined as she won scholarships and awards for her talent, but it didn't stop there. After winning Dancer of the Year, she was asked to travel and assist a group of professional dancers. Soon after, she joined the Orange Bowl as a guest performer for its 2006 halftime show. She became so dedicated she chose to take her skills to the next level and join the most prestigious dance studio in the state. Her mother would drive her an hour to Columbia and an hour back.​

​     When Hannah turned 14, she wanted to showcase her gift beyond the dance world. This lead to her interest in pageants. After competiting in and winning her first pageant, she was thrilled to represent her home as Miss Aiken County Teen. The title gave her more than just the opportunity to dance. It allowed her to become a huge part of the community she grew up in. She became part of many projects such as Relay for Life, Wounded Warriors, Aiken Kidney Benefit, Epworth Children's Home and many more. It also allowed her to speak at schools, events, and speacial occasions about something extremely important to her: Character Awarness. Being able to talk to others about the importance of morals and ethics was a treasure and another reason she stayed in the pageant world. After Miss Aiken County Teen, she was named National American Junior Miss, National American Teen Miss, Miss Midland Valley, Miss SC Junior Miss and many more. 

     Although dance and pageant duties overflowed into most days and school work, Hannah was committed to doing her best. So much so, she was chosen to recieve the most prestigious award at school. She was involved in several extracurricular activities including student government, The Legacy Club, The Spanish Club, FCA, The Beta Club, and tennis team to name a few. Being an A student, Hannah was given the opportunity to attend RYLA, a leadership program in her state. She ultimately returned to be a junior counselor for several years after. In addition, Hannah was able to host an exchange student from Germany during her senior year. Not only did she get to teach her host sister, Athanasia, about her home nation, but she also learned much about Germany after spending several months abroad. The experience allowed her to aquire knowledge, but more importantly, a sister for life.

     When the time came to decide upon a major for college, Hannah was torn between dance or broadcast. Understanding dance may not be as stable, she decided to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism. After several acceptance letters, Hannah decided she would head to Miami, FL to attend Florida International University on a full scholarship.​

​     While in Miami, Hannah was heavily involved in the college's editorial department and worked as a promotions assistant for the Hot Mess Comedy Tour. In her free time, she was able to continue her dance passion through several outlets including Miami Dolphins dancers, Miami Heat dancers, and several other groups. Miami gave her an experience of a lifetime. The people she met and the doors that were opened are ones she cherishes to this day. However, ultimately, she knew that she wanted to recieve her degree at one of broadcasting's top schools in the nation. So, she packed her bags and headed back home to attend The University of South Carolina for her final year. Upon graduating magna cum laude with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications and a double minor in business and hospitality, Hannah moved to Los Angeles for her first official job opportunity in the broadcasting field.​​


     A short time after moving to LA, Hannah met a renowned director and producer while working on a project for The Wounded Warriors. She spoke to him about a few theater plays she was a part of as a child. He later pushed Hannah to try her foot in television and film acting. He introduced her to a talented coach and agent. Hannah decided to she would give it a try and found success, appearing in several TV shows including American Crime Story, Rosewood, Sweat Inc and Shameless.

     Shortly after, Hannah reached out to a long time role model, Crystal Egger, Weather Channel Contributor and NBC meterologist. To her surprise, Mrs. Egger took Hannah under her wing and guided her. Not only did Mrs. Egger offer Hannah a part-time internship working alongside herself at KNBC, but she also influenced Hannah to enrolled in Los Angeles Valley College in order to work more hands on in the television news realm. And that she did! Hannah became a lead reporter, anchor and news writer for KCVM-TV. She also worked as radio personality and producer for 95.1 KVCM radio. After one year, Hannah recieved an occupational certificate in television and radio broadcast. 

     Soon after, Hannah made her way to Corpus Christi, Texas where she spent the year delivering breaking news as well as candid, geniune stories.

     To date, Hannah resides in Portland where she is the reigning Miss Portland USA and freelance journalist. Although she continues to dance and study the art of acting, she focuses primarily on working with Traveling Tutus and her non-profit, Standing Ovation.

     In the future, Hannah hopes to spread her non-profit statewide, earn the title of Miss Oregon USA, and further her career in broadcast. In addition, she aims to share her love with dance to others and give children the joy, opportunities and friendships that shaped who she is today by opening a dance studio. Most importantly Hannah aspires to continue spreading the message on what is truly important in life: leaving behind a significant legacy.